The Continent of AFRO

Inhabitants of the Continent of AFRO (the African Diaspora) are actively engaged in worldly affairs to improve the human condition.  

Anyone can become a citizen of the Continent of AFRO once they understand:


Afro-Atlantic Histories

An acclaimed  recent display at the National Galley of Art in Washington, DC,

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25 Most Beautiful Cities in Africa

Africa is not just a primitive collections of grass huts. The beauty of the rural environment still exists. But there is also the beauty of urban uniqueness. Different from anywhere else on the planet.

African Diaspora Connects

"The African Diaspora describes people of African origin, living outside of the continent by choice, or most predominantly against their will, due to the Transatlantic slave trade. The diaspora is vast, and includes displaced Africans living in numerous countries all around the world. It is time for Africans in the diaspora to break free from their manufactured identities, and return to knowledge of self as an African. Together, the diaspora can do great work on the continent alongside the brothers and sisters who have remained." -- African Diaspora

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