Religion & Mythology The Same?

The Black Church is the most influential aspect of the African diaspora in the Western hemisphere of the planet. The Black Church has helped us to survive an oppressive, sadistic and racist world. During the horrific enslavement of human beings in the Americas, the Black church freed souls and bodies. The Church inspired people of color to be greater and seek higher goals than simple revenge. Our greatest black heroes were men and women of faith, singing religious hymns, offering prayers and avenues to escape. They put their physical bodies on the front line to stop hate and violence. The Church fought to bring sanity to an illogical human condition. Overcome white greed. Empowerment. Education. Entertainment.

Gospel music rocks! But the Black Church is not always on the right side of God,

Our greatest heroes and villains were religion figures . . . WTF?

In the Caribbean, African worshippers of Voodoo and other groups, freed themselves from the evils of European/Capitalist colonization. 

The teachings of Jesus  could be real in our hearts; but may not be historically accurate. Much of Christianity is based on Egyptian (African!) mythology. The overlay of religion and mythology is tangible and easy to verify. Many acclaimed historians confirmed  this.

Modern religion plays a vital and critical role in our day-to-day lives. Mythology is great for movies, video series and comic books. Everybody likes muscular, golden-haired Thor, the God of Thunder. But he isn't real. He is a popular Hollywood actor (Chris Hensworth).  We don't debate this. Religion gives us hope and sometimes practical methods to spread love. There are many faiths that offer similar beliefs.

What Should WE Believe?

Christianity has deep roots in Africa. Africans are also closely intertwined with Judaism and Islam. The overwhelming worshippers  of Islam are people of color. Traditional worship with multiple deities and spirits are still popular in modern times.. Needless to say, there is a strong spiritual/religious connection in Black communities worldwide.

But what is the one, true religion? Which is the proper path to God? See what others say. 

You decide . . . 

The Slave Bible

Christianity has been used for centuries to convince Black people that white people were ordained by God to control the world. 


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