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Shining a Light on AFRO-AI Agents

Artificial Intelligence, AI, in various forms has been around since the 1970s. However, recently, it has improved significantly. AI is expanding explosively in our day-to-day activities globally thanks to the Internet and fast digital communications as well as "Machine Learning" which allows computers to act autonomously without specific human directions. Africa is heavily  investing in the new AI. African nations and ordinary people are shaping AFRO-AI to improve economic conditions, environmental, nutrition, transportation, healthcare, entertainment and other areas. 

AFRO-AI can analyze vast amounts of data and present suggestions using terminology that anyone can understand in their native tongues and levels of comprehension.  That is the biggest benefit of AI; it is like having a smart best friend who has access to all the knowledge of the world and is happy to  communicate whenever you need advice or inspiration.

People of African descent living in Africa or the global continent of "AFRO" utilize this technology to level the playing field and become equal in status and wealth with all societies in the modern world.

Customized AI Presence 

AI can be a good resource for students and teachers. to create specialized learning tools. Every student learns different. Every teacher has their own special techniques.

Patients and healthcare practitioners can use AI to manage confidential medical records, monitor health conditions,   This includes using cellphones for quick examinations of conditions from almost any location.

Re-imagining how we grow and distribute food is essential for a growing society. Africa is a  vital food basket for the world, It is important that proper nutrition is available fairly to everyone.

Machine learning allows AI to discover new sources of energy such as fusion or more efficient use of wind that humans. Likewise, AI can manage our use of energy in our homes, schools and businesses and industries.

Entertainment and the Arts
Create a movie from just a few lines of text. Imitate your favorite singer, Draw and paint using the styles of the greatest artists in history.

Complex climate models predict how we can  prevent drastic changes to our world that change lush farms into swamps and sand dunes into inland seas.

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Howard University College of Medicine 15th Annual Retreat

On Thursday, May 23, Stafford presented to the medical school faculty valuable revelations about the importance of Artificial Intelligence in teaching students of color about modern medicine in underserved communities.

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