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AFROCyberspace Revelations

Frequently, I will provide a hopefully humorous and intriguing response in AFROCyberspace. You may laugh, cry or get reborn.

An ‚ÄčEvening with 
Once a Month; 6 PM to 8 PM

William Jones
Into the AFROVerse, WOL Radio Show

Previous Guests:
Stafford Battle, AFROFuturist
Naseed Gifted, Founder KHEM FEST
ND Jones, Founder KUUMBA Publishing

At Bronze Restaurant in Chocolate City

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Technology has been in Africa for a long time and the impact is always amazing

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Radical AFROFuturism!

Being Radical means finding better solutions to old problems

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Cultural Climate  Cataclysms 

Sea levels, migration, disease are just the tip of the melting Iceberg affecting POC

Face the Facts

"We are all African"

Modern Homo Sapiens emerged  200,000+ years ago in Africa

There are no White People, no Black People.

Homo Sapiens emerged in Africa.  We all have the  same ancestral linage. We have the same desires, fears, delusions, rage, love and the desperation to  survive. Skin color, hair texture, eye shape are merely adaptations to exist in a variety of social and environmental conditions. We are the same.  Racism is an oxymoronic belief. Racism is a contradiction of reality. There is no white, black, red or yellow. There is only us. All   Racism is a tool used by the elite to control populations.

Random opportunity and  availability of  resources and fortuitous circumstances are what makes us distinct. But we are still  African. Therefore, superiority among the groups of humans is a self-delusion. However, the promotion of separate, distinct human types can be used as a weapon just as efficient as the stone-age club and sharp obsidian spears against Sabertooth tigers or  gigantic Mastodons; now extinct. 

Human beings are a very large extended family linking back to the same mother and father. Brothers and sisters may argue; cousins and other kin can start their own clans and often forget  common  origins. Thus, jealousy, war, fear, prejudice  arise, But there are solutions to bring everyone back together to survive and prosper.


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 AFRO African Black Sci-fi written by Stafford Battle, 
creator of AFROCyberspace.  
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Where do 
come from?"

The Continent of 

Italian Americans come from Italy. Asian Americans come from Asia.  Where do Afro-Americans come from. Obviously, they come from the continent of AFRO, a place from which the Black diaspora was dispersed into  around the planet Earth.  The people were fighters, adventurers, innovators, traders, kings, queens, revolutionaries, and AFROFuturists. They all hailed from the continent of AFRO.  

The Continent of AFRO is not an isolated landmass. It is a '"Thought Mass". It is an expanding region of ideas and culture in the 21st Century.  And it is evolving, growing . . . exponentially (very big, very fast) via AFROCyberspace and social media. 

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Twitter is Lost in Space
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Online Social Media is evolving. Users are seeking a more "Honest" approach that doesn't involve greedy Billionaires nor corrupt corporations. No algorithms nor ads to waste your time and steal your money & data.
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Black Fantastic is Art!